Canny Curries


Curries is a family recipe book which explores Jay's family’s mix of Bengali and Geordie heritage. The book follows a journey that Jay’s grandparents took to Bangladesh with their five children in a converted Ford transit van in 1969. Driving from Newcastle through France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Belgium, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, West Pakistan, India and finally to East Pakistan (Bangladesh).

Designer Statement

Told through memories and stories from over the years this project was massively important to me in documenting my family history. The mixing of two cultures was extremely influential in the upbringing of my mam and her siblings and continued through to mine. Learning recipes that have been passed down from my grandad to my mam inspired me to design Canny Curries for my final project at Ravensbourne. I hope to continue to develop this project over the next year where you will hopefully be able to purchase a copy of Canny Curries.