Soichi Terada - Sounds From The Far East

2020 (page under construction)

As a passion project, I redesigned the art work for Soichi Terada’s legendary 1989 Japanese album ‘Sounds From The Far East’.  The artwork has been given a fresh and exciting redesign. The new visuals are audio-reactive, providing the viewer with a visual experience that is in perfect harmony with the music. The graphics are inspired by the sounds found within the album and Japanese popular culture, creating a visual representation that is a true testament to my artistic vision.

The use of my own photography as a research reference from Japan adds a personal touch and showcases my deep appreciation for the culture that inspired me. As the music plays, the viewer is transported into a mesmerizing world where the visuals dance and pulse in perfect synch with the sounds. This album artwork is a feast for both the eyes and the ears and is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who experiences it

My love for Japanese design is evident in these pieces that incorporate collages, bold colours, illustrations, bit mapping effects, and eye-catching typography that pops out of the page from various perspectives. The design brings to mind the bustling streets of Tokyo and its distinctive street signs. With a focus on straight lines, the artwork is reminiscent of the iconic Japanese Rising Sun Flag, as seen on Soichi's album cover, further emphasizing the influence of Japanese culture in the design.

Approach 1:

Approach 2:

Static Approach 1 and 2:

Research - Photographs I took in Japan in 2018

Original Artwork and process using VDMX Software